• Preparation and construction of economic feasibility study for projects in the following sectors:
    1. Food industry sector.
    2. Banking and financial establishment sector.
    3. Health sector – hospitals and industries.
    4. Educational sector – universities, colleges and schools.
    5. Press inking, antiseptics and disinfectants industry.
    6. Weaving, carpet industrial sector.
    7. Electrical and Electronics industrial sector (T.V. Video, washing – machines and refrigerators).
    8. Chemical and petrochemical industrial sectors.
    9. Hotel and Tourism sector.
    10. Plastic industry sector.
    11. Metal industry sector (Refills).
    12. Industrial installations sector.
    13. Packing and wrapping industry sector.


  • Preparation of managerial (admin) and financial systems for large companies in Jordan working in different field as:
    1. Health sector – hospitals.
    2. Educational sector – Universities, Colleges, Comprehensive schools.
    3. Food industry sector.
    4. Chemical and petrochemical industry sector


  • Auditing for large companies in Jordan.
  • Assessment at the company’s financial and arrangement of cash flow.
  • Commercial arbitration.
  • Supervising the liquidation of companies, according to the requirement of the Jordanian Companies Law