Business Consulting & Management Solutions


Accounting Services

  • We provides record management services to assist in the effective maintenance of accounting records and bookkeeping. All relevant reports can be accessed as frequently as required. We employ accountants and bookkeepers who will maintain your accounting records at a fraction of the cost of a full-time accountant.
  • Monitoring the performance of the financial section and inform you of any other findings show us while doing our work, and checking your accounts against external records should be a regular activity in an accounting department.
  • Examination internal records of company assets against bank account statements can alert your accounting team to any differences between the two, as can checking your accounts payable records with your suppliers' records.
  • Analyzing cost data, product or service cost components, cost drivers, costing methods and accounting, pricing decisions, and cost accounting records to facilitate the managerial decision making process and identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • We provide a variety of financial advisory services to its clients to help them develop a secure, efficient, and profitable financial system.
  • Our primary goal is to provide the type of financial operations system that enables easy tracking of financial events, provides financial information significant to the financial management of a company or an organization, and/or required for the preparation of financial statements. Whether automated or manual, we will consider all aspects of the financial system to help integrate and improve all procedures, controls, data, hardware, and support financial operations personnel.
  • Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:
  1. Financial & Accounting Policies & Procedures
  2. Procurement System
  3. Assets Management System
  4. Financial Risk Analysis
  5. Reviewing and Improving Accounting Operations
  6. Projection and Forecast Systems
  7. Costing Systems
  8. Loss and Cost Reduction Systems
  9. Fraud Investigation

Business & Management Solutions

Orbit Bureau carries out economic feasibility studies for enterprises, new companies, projects, already established existing companies, and assessment of financial position.

Preparing valuation for undergoing or existing enterprises, targeting through their objective display, to give the investors a true idea of the tasks, circumstances and expectation of the next period of the age of their enterprises.

Orbit Bureau is able to resolve practical managerial and financial problems which the company’s management or financial sector encounters, through providing a clear picture of the reasons and results of the problem. Then, it lays down a proper managerial and financial solution for the companies.

We provide management advisory services in attracting qualified staff for companies and training the new and existing ones and providing advisory services in ERPs & accounting packers which conform to the requirements and work character of the company and their amendment.

We provide the following financial and managerial consultation services.
1. Preparing financial and managerial systems and accounting manuals.
2. Studying labor regulation, recommending suggestions, and improving production efficiency.
3. Preparing organizational structure.
4. Preparing job descriptions for the different position in the company.


Legal Advisory services

Orbit Bureau offers legal consulting services through a qualified staff in the legal field. These services are represented by several forms such as the company’s merging, utilization of investment law, providing responses on labor law, social security law, central bank law and free duty law.

On the other hand, the Managing Partner Mr. Abdulraheem Sheeha is an expert at the Jordanian courts in relation to expressing an account opinion on financial disputes and financial arbitration.


Social Security services 

Organizing and managing the relationship between the Social Security Corporation and your company by assigning a competent and qualified employee who represents the company with the Social Security Corporation. The main tasks are as follows:


  • Follow-up procedures for registering the company with the Social Security Corporation and completing all the necessary legal requirements for that through coordination with you.
  • Monthly follow-up of the process of paying the monthly contributions and determining the value to be paid to the Social Security Corporation during the period specified for the payment without exceeding it so that no interest and delay fines are incurred.
  • Adding new employees by fulfilling all the necessary legal requirements and excluding the employees who resigned from the company in line with the Social Security Law.
  • Extracting the necessary statements and reports from the Social Security Corporation, which expresses the financial position of the company with the Social Security Corporation when needed.
  • Providing the Social Security Corporation with the required statements and reports in accordance with the instructions and laws issued in this regard.
  • Follow all developments regarding the company or employees of the Social Security Corporation.